Natural Graphite

Natural graphite is a mined substance, showing a layered structure. Due to several purification steps, purities up to 99.5 % with little residual iron contents are achievable. Finest comminution and subsequent classification of those purified graphites lead to particle size distributions of approximately 3 to 200 µm.

Synthetic Graphite

Synthetic graphite results out of industrial-scale high temperature processing from carbon-rich raw materials. Thereby, many applications are determined by porosity and density that we are able to adjust in our plant. Furthermore, electric and thermal conductivity can be tuned, being highly dependent on the final products’ purity.


Our graphite powders are used e.g. for lubricants, exhibiting good emergency operation features at elevated temperatures. Furthermore, they are used within the plastics industry, since addition of graphite increases electrical and thermal conductivity, while the coefficient of fraction is reduced.

Activated Carbon and Coke

In contrast to graphite, our coke and carbon powders are produced by carbonization of e.g. residuals from petroleum distillation, cocoa nutshells, rubber, pitch and various coals from fossil origin. Those powder or bulk materials are comminuted to grain sizes ranging from 5 µm to 10 mm.


Main applications of our carbon and coke products are found within the environmental engineering branch. Hereby, porous powders and granules are used for filter and absorption processes. Additionally, our products are used for metallurgy and gas separation processes due to selective absorption.

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