Grey Cast Iron Powders

Our grey cast iron powders are produced by working off single-variety shavings accruing from mechanical productions. Due to gentle comminution and classification, those grey cast iron granules exhibit a spattered grain shape with a high specific surface. The grains produced can be further customized by sieving in different fractions, resulting in particle size distributions from 63 µm to > 3 mm.


For instance, a classic field of application for our grey cast iron powders is found in the chemical industry as reduction constituent. For treating contaminated groundwater, those shavings get introduced into soil layers containing groundwater to transform soil contaminations into harmless compounds on site. Additionally, they can be used to manufacture friction linings for machines and abrasive-resistant floor coatings. Due to the spattered grain shape, a sound bond with the surrounding matrix can be achieved, preventing grains to come loose from the matrix.

Spherical Metal Powders

In contrast to grey cast iron shavings, spherical metal powders consist of low-alloy, ductile steels with a low carbon content and spherical grain shape. Furthermore, as result of production and refinement processes, particularly the amount of oxygen contamination is low. The compact grain shapes of those powders allow high bulk densities that can be further maximized using tuned grain size distributions.


Spherical steel powders are often used for ladle metallurgy applications. Thereby, they are added to the melt with further master alloys. Furthermore, they can be used as compounds, consisting of plastics which are backfilled with these steel powders, to improve density, strength, thermal conductivity, etc.

Master Alloys

We produce powders and granules from various master alloys, such as FeSi, FeTi, FeCr, FeV, FeMo, FeMg, and FeMn.
Required grain sizes are achieved by subjecting bulky raw materials to mechanical treatments. We provide essential alloy constituents, generally used for production and welding of high- and super-alloy steels, which we delivere as dust-free granules.


Master alloy granules and powders are used to re-alloy metal melts and as filler metals to homogeneously alloy welding seams.

Carbonyl Iron Powders

Carbonyl iron powders are very fine and pure powders that comprise of spherical micro-particles. Particle size distribution lies within a few micrometers.


Carbonyl iron powders have a broad application scope across all industries. For instance, they are used for powder metallurgy applications and to manufacture conventional and metal-injected-melted (MIM) sintered components as well as for electrical engineering and chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Composite Products

Our metal powders are used as filler materials for concrete, plastics and other matrix materials to produce composite products. Synergisms between matrix and metallic fillers lead to new properties with physical and commercial advantages.


For instance, plastics containing our metal powder iPuMag, approved for food applications, can easily be detected by metal detectors. Therefore, foreign objects originating from this composite product can be removed easily from the process ensuring safe food productions. On the other hand, surface-active metal powders can be used to remove oxygen to protect products, being sensitive to oxidation.

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