Metal powders

Our metal powders are produced through gas or water atomisation lines or through thermic and mechanical re-processing of secondary raw materials. For instance, the powders are used as reagent in the chemical industry, as metallic filling material in the plastics industry, as additive to concrete and to treat contaminated groundwater as well as its use for sinter technologies. Particle size distributions range from 5 µm for carbonyl iron powder to 5 mm for grey cast iron shavings.

Alloying additives

Metallic alloying additives are used for ladle metallurgy and as filler metals. Our range of supply also includes master alloys, such as FeSi, FeTi, FeV, FeMo, FeCr, which can be comminuted and fractionated in toll manufacturing, as well. Moreover, we produce low-alloy steel powders, being low in oxygen and high in bulk density allowing further mixing with additional components. As a result tailor-made solutions for nearly each application are possible. Typical particle size distributions range from 63 µm to 3 mm.

Carbons and Cokes

For instance, natural or synthetic carbons and cokes are used in the steel industry and environmental engineering for water treatments and gas separation.
Depending on customers’ requirements, raw materials get mechanically processed and subsequently classified in various fractions. Carbon powders and granules, produced in our plant, typically exhibit particle size distributions between 5 µm and 10 mm.

Graphite powders

Our graphite powders are characterized by high chemical purity. They are used e.g. for lubricants, sinter metallurgy, and high temperature processes.
By using our technology to crush and classify raw materials, the risk of product contamination is avoided due to wear of apparatus abrasion. These powders, as produced in our plant, typically range from 4 to 200 µm.

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